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My name is Sebastiano iotti, I'm an italian designer born 1982. I'm passionate about combining function, interaction and form to design for fitting user experiences that make people happy.

I got my diploma at "Liceo Artistico Bruno Munari", subsequently I achieved a visual and web designer master at "Scuola Politecnica del Design" of Milan.

The knowledge of the most important graphic softwares, creativity and passion urge me on this way. I started working in the design industry at Giòforma in Milan in 2003, and now I have 10+ years of experience. I currently work as a freelance and collaborate with people from all over the world.

My design process is very hands-on and visual. I've done personal and collective expositions with my works.

My Works


Level One

graphic design

CLIENT: Ankur Prasad (USA)

FOCUS: created a catchy book cover design for video game making book. This book is targeted towards children and young adults who want to learn how to make video games without needing to learn code.

Las Bas Wine

graphic design


FOCUS: wine label design. The same graphic in white for Gewurztraminer and in red for Merlot.

Love is in the air

graphic design

FOCUS: "Love is in the air" was born as a personal artwork and was selected by Diesel in the "Diesel Wall Book" with other artists who projected to cover a big wall in Milan (colonne di San Lorenzo) with their art.
Also I printed my design on pallet-wood and exposed at San Domenico cloisters, Crema (ITA).


graphic design

CLIENT: Noodle Doodle (IDN)

FOCUS: designed a menu board for a modern and hip noodle's bar.


graphic design

I had a strong passion for writing (graffiti art), when I was young I developed some outlines with the tag "Ken", and here I transposed one from sketch to vector.

Wall Art

graphic design


FOCUS: decorated an office wall starting from an autocad file provided by client.

Integration Alpha

graphic design

CLIENT: Integration alpha (CH)

FOCUS: Integrationa Alpha is a Data Science boutique consultancy and helps clients in the banking and insurance industry to develop new data driven business models and data products.
They needed an innovative store front design.


graphic design

This is a personal artwork (published by Defrag Mag) I have already printed on plastic panel retro illuminated for exposition.


graphic design

"Fuck the glamour" is my entry for the Semipermanent book, some years ago...


graphic design

CLIENT: Beck's (GER)

FOCUS: two of the first graphic designs of my career, when I was 22 years old. The theme was "Beck's: you have the key".
Published in a book by Becks and exposed at Mi Art of Milan and Fuorisalone of Milan in 2004. Very proud!

I Love Cotoletta


Series of illustration for streetwear apparel produced and distributed by Lipani's brothers of La Maglia.
Find more and visit 100% made in italy!



This character is a mascot for a novelty USA clothing item. Four-color. He can best be described as a friendly cyclops.
A friendly "cartoon" character, like a cartoon character with human skin.
His one eye is wide open and friendly.



Series of characters that I designed and adapted to real situations (supporters, a marriage, sportsman, clubbers and many more...).
The last slide is "People on snow" I did for Salomon some years ago.



Orango full version and face only, with different expressions and feelings.

Sexy Girls


Some erotic girls I've designed and printed on canvas, artworks for expositions.

I saw the future


Illustration for "Threadless" on the theme "I saw the future", also printed on canvas.

Panda suicide


Personal artwork that represents the suicide of a panda (puppet), printed on canvas for expositions.

Ghetto boys


Ghetto boys inspired by Ghetto Blaster, is an old design on MTV style.



If Diego Maradona meets Ernesto Guevara, this flag would born.

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